Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things I Love

Jason Kottke is back.
Jason Kottke went on paternity leave when his son Ollie was born. My internet existence was much less satisfying the entire time he was gone. He's quickly made up for his absence.

Louis-LĂ©opold Boilly.
This painting is at the National Gallery of Art on the mall in DC. Somehow in all my trips to DC I had never been there. I saw a lot of nice things, but this painting really struck my fancy for some reason. I like that it's about illicit dealings at the market, and I also like that even though it is technically 'fine art' that there's a little bit of folk art in there. But most of all I love the color, which is probably hard to see here. I saw another Boilly at Boston's MFA, and that too is just gorgeous. The colors just glow.

This picture by Weegee.

Paul Krugman started a blog.
I love Paul Krugman. I think he's right about everything. He's also our wolf in sheep's clothing--an economist from the left.

Heather on ANTM.
I have what I would consider an ameteur's interest in autism. (By the way I think Errol Morris's piece on the autistic woman who has helped design more humane slaughterhouses is one of my favorite documentary works of all time.) So it's been interesting to see that combined with my love of America's Next Top Model. Heather is from Indiana, she's gorgeous, she's doing this despite or perhaps because she has Asperger's, all of which makes her one of my all time favorite top model candidates. Alan Sepinwall says it better here:

Mad Men.
Oh man. This show was made for me. Pink collar work, the feminine mystique, beats, Jews, marriage, fashion in postwar US. My Tivo skipped the hobo episode and I almost wept. It may become my first ever purchase on Itunes.

Images from the National Gallery of Art website, the AMC website, and (c/o kottke). Coming soon: a multi-post series on family.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to the Future

Stephan and I have watched a few episodes of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Stephan quickly realized that Tim Gunn and Veronica Webb have actually come from the future to help women with their fashion problems. Evidence:

1) Veronica Webb's hair. It is slicked back because it needs to be sleek in the future. Veronica Webb also participated in the Matrix Revolutions ambiguous-racial-origins-only orgy.
2) the Optitex[sic?] computer. Tim uses this future technology to approximate women's body type and then draws perfectly straight lines on them to approximate clothing.
3) Tim's use of the term undergarments. There is no gender in the future. See also, Benny Ninja.

Now you know. Image courtesy of Washington Post.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I saw this MetLife "Snoopy in Fashion" show online and had to partake. There's a few other good ones, but these are my favorites.

Also at this site, there are some ANTM models in some more rad Snoopy outfits.

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