Saturday, July 29, 2006

Package Extravaganza

Package Land has been good here lately, and I've definitely been enjoying it. So my friend Bugg (aka Mistersirr) is currently living in Seoul. And she has sent me the most delicious package. How awesome is this stuff? In the little turtle package, there's some tea. I can't wait to try it once the temperature gets under 90 degrees here in Chi-town.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fucking Exxon

I'm paying 3.50 a gallon for gas and Exxon's posting a 36% increase in profits from LAST YEAR. As Stephan said--spit in my face, but dont' tell me it's raining.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Stephan bought Mitten(left) for me at Magic Pony in Toronto. She's so gorgeous I had to make my Blythe a new outfit so she would match. The jeans and whistle always belonged to Blythe, but I did make the shirt. Mitten is a character from a Russian television show. Here's a picture of the original animation from the site I had to take the whole image. Agh.

Magic Yarn Ball Swap

At long last I can properly express my appreciation for the best yarn ball of all time from Suz, the creator of Artitude Zine I'm excited to check out next time I visit Quimby's). Here it is Before:

Here it is After:
Wow, look at all this stuff. There is of course the amazing yarn and knitting needles. Then the lip-themed awesomeness: both lip bandaids and lip gloss. The beautiful ribbon flower. Shoelaces that I have decided justify my desire to buy green lowtop Chuck Taylors. A gorgeous vintage button. The cutest lucky cat. A gift certificate to the best place to visit in the summer: Baskin Robbins. And a tiny ballerina that I have posed in the scarf I created with the yarn (I am not the best knitter and I was so eager--it had to be a scarf. I'm very excited to felt it). Thanks Suz!!!!


Does anyone actually call Toronto T-Dot? Anyway, here are some pictures from a very amazing weekend. JN is the best. These are pictures of JN and the equally awesome Mr. JN, Toronto itself, Stephan in a hedge maze, and all 4 of us.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Welcome back computer baby

Wow, my computer is awful. It breaks every six months. Its battery is dead dead dead. When it does break, I have to call Gateway, the worst place on earth. But I love it so. It's so nice to have it back. And now I'm back on Nap Town.

So it's a lazy morning. I should be working on my dissertation. I started in earnest for the first time yesterday, and I should carry on the momentum. Instead, at the moment I'm watching Desk Set on AMC. So far it's awesome. Katherine Hepburn is the head of the research department at a TV station, and she's being audited by an efficiency expert, played by Spencer Tracy. I haven't really warmed up to Katherine Hepburn before this, but I've absolutely fallen in love with her via this movie. It's kind of silly, but charming.

I have so many more posts to post, but soon enough.

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