Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crush 00

Dorothy Surrenders did a list of her and her friends' Decade Crushes. I like this idea a lot so I stole it. Thanks Dorothy et al!

1. TV men. My crushes from the 90s were all movie guys--Jude Law, Ed Norton, Ewan McGregor (I still love Ewan McGregor)--but in the 00s I have moved on to TV guys--it started with Milo Ventimiglia, included Adam Brody, Timothy Olyphant, Tahmoh Penikett, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, and has now stalled out on Fat Pacey himself, Josh Jackson. I am sick. Also I'm still kind of on Michael Fassbender because of Inglorious Basterds.

2. Meryl Streep. This decade I realized that Streep reminds me of my grandmother and that Meryl Streep is super super super awesome.

3. food. I have become a much more adventurous eater and cook since I left Indianapolis.

4. Chicago. In 2000, I had only been to Chicago-proper a few times. Now I live here and love it.

5. kids' books. I started the decade reading Harry Potter and Wrinkle in Time aloud with my college roommates. I spent the beginning of grad school reading only the Little House books for pleasure. And in the past few years, I joined a kids' book club where I've read a ton of books I love and only a few I didn't.

6. the radio. I of course listened to the radio before 2000 because I relied on it for mixed tapes as much as anyone else in 1993. But in the 2000s I expanded my radio listening to podcasts, jams radio, Air America, much more NPR, and even sports radio. And I think the ipod turned out so well because the shuffle taps into the excitement of hearing one of your favorite songs on the radio indefinitely.

7. science. I don't know anything about science, and it was my least favorite subject in high school. But after hearing a talk by Martha McClintock in grad school, I secretly began thinking that being a scientist would have been cooler than being a historian. I feed my secret scientist ambition by listening to Radio Lab, ranting about the weird fixation with evolution in the NYT science section, reading things on the internet, and hanging out with R.

8. Sam Worthington. I realize that this crush only makes this list because I saw Avatar a week ago. And that it contradicts crush #1. But Sam Worthington is very very nice-looking.

9. The Mighty Colts. I didn't watch football at all before 2002, and now I follow the Colts religiously.

10. antiques. I spent my entire childhood going to antique stores and flea markets with my parents and brother. Most of our vacations revolved around it, and we all had collections that waxed and waned over the years. When I was a kid my dad collected Native American artifacts and swords; when I got older he collected antique advertising. My mom has always collected wooden dolls, but has had several tangential collections. My brother used to do Star Wars and Civil War stuff; now he does beer advertising and Charlie Chaplin memorabilia. And I collected buttons, turtles, and later small plastic food. When I hit 14, I decided I hated antiquing. I pouted through vacations and kept headphones firmly on my head in any flea market or mall. And I didn't begin to like it again until the 00s. It's been a nice return to my childhood to like looking through musty old boxes again.

HAPPY 2010!!!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Multiverse Directors

These are the ultimate from the what-would-have-been-culture:
Lynch directs Jedi
Cronenberg directs Breaking Dawn

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Favorite Movies of the Aughts

1. In the Mood for Love (2000)
2. Let the Right One In (2008)
3. Spirited Away (2001)
4. Children of Men (2006)
5. Devil's Backbone (2001)
6. Volver (2006)
7. 28 Days Later (2003)
8. The New World (2002)
9. You Can Count on Me (2000)
10. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

I had forgotten #8 till I saw T's list. Thanks T. 2004, 2007, and 2009 are underrepresented, but I really liked 2000 and 2001. 5 of these are foreign, and 2 of those are Spanish. Amazingly, only one is animated. And there's no female directors on here :(


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Both of these European things are out of reach for me, but I covet them anyway. A sugar loft in Amsterdam. via Design Is Mine. And shrinky-dink cookie cutters. via Simplesong.

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