Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

Tip of the Hat
1. Cookie Magazine. I'm not supposed to like Cookie since I don't have kids. But it's a nice Domino replacement at the moment.
2. Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation is really growing on me, which was not entirely unexpected. First, the Office people know what they're doing so it was only a matter of time. I really love Mark and April so far. The jokes are getting funnier, and the bit characters will probably be as hilarious as Stanley et al later. Also, they're inundating me with Indiana references. They're doing a really amazing job actually, including everything from Bob Knight's hand/sweater visible in the corner of a poster all through the pilot and instantly recognizable to any and all Hoosiers to using the outline of Indiana to cap off episodes to a small picture of Larry Bird alongside Leslie's collection of portraits of women in government. It turns out that this sports blog guy has noticed this as well and taken some pics for me to borrow.
3. Manny Pacquiao. Filipino pride baby! Bring on Mayweather!

Wag of the Finger
1. Lost. SPOILER ALERT. So Lost has possibly lost the thread of its time travel logic. I hate this new "variable" angle. They had a nice gig going for them: closed loop except for Desmond who could create alternate timelines in theory. I'm hoping that Daniel is either a) mistaken or b) setting Jack up to do exactly what Jack needed to do in order for the future to happen as it did. I think this is a reasonable possibility since he told Dr. Chang about Miles so that Chang would do "what he's supposed to do," ie send his wife, son, Charlotte, etc, off the island in the sub. So maybe he's similarly manipulating Jack to "do what he's supposed to do.' Otherwise, boo Lost. Boo.
2. My birthday flower, care of Angry Chicken, is not in fact a flower. A spruce is a tree, thank you very much. Still not a bad plant to be affiliated with.

Thanks Colbert for the title.

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