Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chicago v. New York

So Chicago has a major chip on its shoulder about being the Second City. It's really odd to watch the news here because every story has to somehow relate back to Chicago. My favorite example is when they overturned the ability to get a gay marriage in San Francisco. Chicago covered the story by interviewing a little boy from Chicago whose aunt's marriage was no longer valid. WTF? Really? There's not a better way to cover the story? That wasn't the follow-up story either. That's how they informed people watching the news that this event had happened. Also when Stephan, myself, and our friend J went to New York last summer, Stephan spent the whole time being Chicago-ed out, talking about how the architecture is better in Chicago, Chicago's better, he wouldn't want to live in NY, yadda yadda. Now to be fair, J and I were egging him on. Also I'd rather live in Chicago too, but only because it's infinitely more affordable and I can keep my car. But I still acknowledge that NY is awesome and I love it. After having lived in Chicago for 8 years, Stephan can't even say the words that New York is great. He can't.

All that said, I found this map on kottke.org (quite an allure lately) comparing the space of Manhattan to Chicago. I assume Stephan will manage to spin this post into a more-evidence-Chicago-is-better. But mostly, it's pretty nuts to see. Chicago really is huge as far as the city itself goes. I live at approximately Damen and Division if you're interested.


Blogger jungle navigator said...

well, "New York" is bigger than Manhatten. At least Brooklyn would have you think so (sorry, jane! LOL!)

While I LOVE NYC and have a great time each time I'm there, i could never live there. I think it would loose it's allure. I think i would start hating it.

On the other hand, i will NEVER hate chi-town. Each time i've been there I have only wanted (more and more) to pick up my life and move it to Chicago...but first I must conquer Scotland.

And let's face it. i love Toronto...and Canada in general. While I might be tempted to leave, i probably will always come back.

9:29 AM  
Blogger ant said...

Haha, yeah the whole minus the other boroughs part is in the article I stole it from. Sorry Brooklyn, et al! Even so, I'm surprised how small Manhatten is.

I have to admit I love Chicago too. I'll be sad when and if I ever have to leave. Both Toronto and Scotland are amazing though and definitely places I could live. New York I could do for a while, but then I would go nuts or more likely starve to death.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

I forgive you guys, and the map, on behalf of Brooklyn. But if this happens again, FAHGEDABOUDIT! I'm gonna break your knee caps!!


6:52 PM  
Blogger ant said...

Haha, another reason I couldn't live in NY longterm. I'm not badass enough!

7:15 AM  

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