Sunday, June 04, 2006

Things I love

Mermaids, little red riding hood, martin starr, steve buscemi, felt, pom poms, hats, yetis, shrinky dinks, turtles, birds, matchboxes, the indpls scene of brown bunny, the cody chestnut scene of me and you and everyone we know, soup, bottlecaps the candy, teresa wright, stocking stuffers, jess from gilmore girls, reggie miller, marvin harrison, jason david, dwight freeney, ricky gervais, taking baths, the yarn scene from hitchhiker’s guide, tim and dawn in the office, mao and mrs. mao dunnies, pincushions, pocket pals, postcards, state puzzles magnets etc, Honda civics, bears, houses, maps, architecture plans, handkerchiefs, tulips, drawers, wooden knitting needles, tiny figurines, giants, watching movies in the park, shopping, crafting, London, Canada, the Newbury Inn in Boston, Rotofugi, Brainstorm, RR1, Paperdoll, paper dolls, sanrio, stickers, stationary, fiddler on the roof, jamba juice, shoes, tomatoes, sushi, little house on the prairie, kurt Vonnegut, star wars, pete & pete, the Harvard comma, apples, pears, tomatoes, Check Please, television without pity, edith head, slide shows on nyt, ukulele music, bobby pins, bangs, lip gloss, fantasy football, iu basketball, teaching, scarves, apple and brie sandwich at meinl, stanley’s Monday buffet, club foot, y the last man, gingerbread houses, wes Anderson, joseph cotten, ewan mcgregor as obi wan and as renton, alec guiness as obi wan, hoichi in kwaidon, david the gnome, the drinking tune in bon voyage Charlie brown, my tiny ipod, tiny things in general, advent calendars, aj moye, pop-up books and cards, embroidery, paul & joe, domino magazine, blankets, light blue, green, nautical pants. . .


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